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RAIZ & SAJJAD SURGICAL (PVT.) LTD; engaged in this business since 1969 and got good reputation due to excellent services and quality products up to international standards for buyers. Haji Abdul Islam is the pioneer to establish this firm and work hard the partnership between Haji M. Sarwar. RSS is successful today as the son of Haji Abdul Islam (Mr. M.S.Mughal) is working as Chief Executive of Raiz & Sajjad Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd.

  Haji Abdul Islam (Late)
I am pleased to say that I Haji Sarwar& Haji Abdul Islam (late)started manufacturing in 1969, and work hard to get the best quality results,we are according to our customers demand from 1st day of our work to till now. Our Surgical, Dental, Veterinary Instruments & Manicure Pedicure Instruments are exporting to EUROPE, USA, CANADA, LATIN AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA & ASIA.

The quality of our production is quite affordable in price due to which most of our clients regularly imports different instruments on annual bases and some on time by time. Today My elder Son Mr. Intikhab Alam is working as one of the director of our firm, we are in position to meet any sort of market challenge coming a head and we are always ready to meet them in good hands. We always have the best quality & best price for our customers around the globe.

Haji M. Sarwar
Haji M.Sarwar

I am pleased to introduce our self as manufacturers exporters & importers of Surgical, Dental, Veterinary Instruments & Scissors of all sports. Kindly contact us for more information regarding your requirement and our production.

We are also providing good quality on affordable prices, we are
ISO 9001- 2008, EN-46002, ISO 13488 cGMP &CE MARK certified and working hard to expect to meet the challenges of international markets.We are producing RE-USABLE as well DIS-POSABLE( Ground Grade) instruments.


M.S Mughal

Quality is our motto which we are producing and serving more than 65 countries of the World. I’m pleased to say, we are providing such quality which comply all quality measures according country to country. That’s the thing our customers are fully satisfy with our supplying quality and prices which beats Internationally and we penetrate into such International tough competed market.

Simply saying, motto of our company is the entirely satisfaction of our customers in shape of Quality, Good Pricing Good Delivery Times and Good Services.

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Ch.Intikhab Alam
E-mail: export@raizent.com

M Intikhab Alam